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Stonebriar Research is a boutique consultancy providing crucial information to companies and campaigns seeking a winning narrative.

Corporate Services

We play to win. Let us put our political experience to work for your business.
Due Diligence

Now more than ever it is critical to know who you are doing business with beyond the numbers. In today's social media driven world, reputations can be shattered in an instant if you associate your brand and your success with individuals who have vulnerable histories. Let us be a trusted partner navigating unfamiliar waters before taking on new risk. 

Litigation Support

Business owners do not want litigation consuming their valuable time or putting a strain on their team. We put our diverse experience and deep expertise to work for you identifying the right approach and partners when pursuing legal action. We research the facts, background, and connections needed for success both in the courtroom and in the world of public opinion. 

Strategic Communications

Information is only effective if communicated properly. We work with clients to ensure communications are tailored to the proper audience, whether a prospective investor, the media, government officials, or the public. We leverage our political experience to ensure the right message reaches the right audience to accomplish your objectives.


Political Services

The political environment is full of uncertainty — minimize it by facing your own issues head on and keeping your opponent on the defensive through effective research and messaging.
Opposition Research

We uncover facts and develop narratives to expose the truth and hold your opponent accountable by analyzing a candidate's personal, professional, and political history. Not everything can be done from a computer, especially when dealing with the government, and our team is fully capable of performing on-the-ground research as needed. We don't just deliver reports and walk away, we work with your team to ensure information is leveraged and communicated properly.

Vulnerability Studies

We undertake the same process when researching our own clients as we do their opponents. There's nothing to be gained by ignoring your own weaknesses. The other side will be looking at you under a microscope and your campaign team needs to be prepared for what they will find. Some issues once known can be fixed, others are not so simple, but none should come as a surprise in the midst of a campaign.  


From consultants to volunteers to donors, there will be a lot of unfamiliar faces hanging around your campaign. Your association with these people, no matter how tangential, will be used against you if the opportunity presents itself through a questionable social media post or perceived conflict of interest. We provide vetting services to organizations needing to minimize this risk. 

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We are a Texas-based firm available for projects from coast to coast.

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